Air Quality & Spring Cleaning Tips

Air Quality & Spring Cleaning Tips

By Drew Mills

At this time of the year, everything seems to be c犀利士
oming back to life. Some of these things; however, you don’t want around such as allergens. For the things you do want though, you need to make room by clearing out the old. 

Inside the house, you’d think you could get away from outside allergens like pollen and mold.  But, somehow they still manage to infiltrate your home. Make sure that your windows and doors are sealed correctly and consider purchasing a draft stopper to keep outside air out. Also, be sure to replace air filters to ensure that the air in your home is clean.

It may seem obvious, but dusting helps tremendously with allergies.  Getting rid of the stuff that accumulates can drastically help your allergies and overall cleanliness. In addition, be sure fireplaces and other hearth products are properly ventilated.

On the other side of your front door, things are a little more labor intensive. Cleaning out gutters is something that isn’t hard if done twice a year, but can cost thousands if neglected. Gutters are meant to keep water drainage away from key areas of the house that can become compromised over time by erosion.  If they aren’t clean, it can ruin paint and damage structural support. There are a couple simple ways to go about cleaning out gutters.

  • Get a water hose, and flush any twigs and leaves. Make sure to disperse debris away from the end of the drain when done.
  • Take a garden shovel and scoop all debris into a trash bag or bucket.

It really is that simple if done regularly.  If it clogs, you may need to stick a stiff wire, such as an unbent coat hanger, down the vertical portion of the shaft and wiggle it around.  Always be safe while working with gutters and be sure someone is securing your ladder.


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